DBSync’s GoToWebinar connector allows businesses to extract data from GoToWebinar and transfer it into another application directly. The connector lets you combine GoToWebinar with apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, databases and many more. This allows businesses to unite fragmented data in an automated manner. As a result, you can, for example automatically transfer GoToWebinar’s Registrants and Attendees to Salesforce’s Leads, avoiding the risk of incurring in human errors.



  • Integration Solution

    Our DBSync adapter for GoToWebinar supports integration with a wide range of applications, including Databases, Salesforce and CRM adapters.

  • Both On-Demand and On-Premise

    Our GoToWebinar Adapter has the flexibility to connect with any combination of both On-Demand and On-Premise applications.

  • Database Integration

    JDBC and ODBC compliant databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, mySQL, and PostgreSQL can be integrated with GoToWebinar via the connector.

  • Highly Customizable

    By including Process Builder with our GoToWebinar Adapter, we ensure you have all the unique customization you need for your business goals.

  • Suitable for:Salesforce
    DBSync’s GoToWebinar to Salesforce integration template lets you combine GoToWebinar and Salesforce data. The integration is unidirectional, meaning that you can transfer data from GoToWebinar to Salesforce only.

Sync can be performed every 5 minutes. Recommended 15 minutes.

You can, for example, automatically transfer GoToWebinar Registrants and Attendees into Salesforce leads, and at the same time create a copy of your Registrants and Attendees in a database of your choice.

Yes, you can create custom mappings according to your specific needs.

Definitely, 14-day free trial is available after completing the registration process


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