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A simple and cost-effective way to replicate and archive your Salesforce data

DBSync’s Cloud Replication can automatically create Salesforce object schemas, replicate objects in batch or real-time, create or update Salesforce records from your database whatever the platform: Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Docker. You can set it up via cloud or on-premise in minutes and not days!

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Supported Databases : SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Hive, Snowflake, AWS S3, Amazon Redshift, and others.


  • Fulfil all your compliance and security requirements.
    Archiving your cloud application data with Cloud Replication helps you comply with FINRA and other requirements. Snapshot-based tracking means you stay on top of regulatory requirements for versioning.
  • Zero Administration - set it and forget it.
    Automatic schema creation and adjustment means zero effort on mapping schemas. The ability to run database queries on Salesforce data reduces API usage and query latency.
  • Easy enough for business users.
    No API experience? No Problem! Download the data directly and manipulate from the database to see your updates right in your CRM.
  • Deploy and Run anywhere.
    Support for cloud (AWS) and on-premise database backup such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Snowflake, and more. Run it in batch or real-time incremental data replication.
  • Adopt Salesforce with your AWS and Big Data.
    Cloud Replication’s support for Cassandra and Amazon Redshift helps you harness the power of Big Data for your business.
  • No per user licensing, simple pricing model.
    Our pricing model provides a ton of features for a reasonable price.


Cloud Data Replication

Features Developer Enterprise Enterprise
Deployment Cloud Cloud On-Premise
Replication 2 2 Licenced by Connectors
Source Salesforce,
Microsoft 365 CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Target DBSync Storage DBSync Storage SQL Server, Oracle,
mySQL, PostGresQL,
DB2, Cassendra,
MongoDB, AWS-Redshift
AWS-Aurora DB, Snowflake
Storage 10MB 1GB Unlimited
Operation Schema, Data Backup,
Restore, Data Masking
Schema, Data Backup,
Restore, Data Masking
Schema, Data Backup,
Restore, Data Masking
Restore Salesforce Only Salesforce Only Salesforce Only
Download Backup as CSV Yes Yes Yes
Snapshot Yes Yes No
Support Web, Email Web, Email, Phone Web, Email, Phone
Premium Support $ $ $
Price Call Sales Call Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cloud Replication perform bi-directional synchronization?

Yes, Cloud Replication can replicate Salesforce data into your database application and vice-versa.

Are incremental updates possible with Cloud Replication?

We support both complete and incremental replication. Cloud Replication automatically tracks the last record processed so that you can replicate only the updated data and never miss a record.

Do I have to update my database schema or rebuild my tables?

The application replicates the Salesforce schema automatically into Database for all selected Salesforce objects. The schema differences are evaluated and the corresponding columns are generated in the Database.No existing columns for a given table will be removed so that historical data is maintained.

Are Salesforce custom objects supported?

Custom objects, documents, and attachments are supported.

Can I embed the replication engine inside my in-house application?

The Cloud Replication REST APIs provide programmatic access to Read and Write replication data. We also provide batch and shell applications for easy integration with your scheduler or other applications.

Will Cloud Replication work with on-premise data reporting tools?

Yes, Cloud replication can be installed locally so that you can run reports from your on premise reporting tools such as SQLServer Reporting, Business Object, Cognos etc.

I want to be notified for synchronization events. Is it possible?

Cloud Replication has an option to enable event logs in the database. Event notifications can also be delivered to the administrator’s email address

Can I replicate files using Cloud Replication?

The Cloud Replication Console can be used to download Salesforce objects such as attachment, document, content and chatter feed to a local directory.

What Salesforce editions and database applications are supported?

We are compatible with Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Professional(API enabled). Among databases, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra and Amazon Redshift are supported.

How can I make Salesforce updates appear in my Database application right away?

Cloud Replication leverages Salesforce Outbound Messages to help you achieve real-time creates and updates in your database.

Run on Amazon Web Services

Replication simplified - quickly get started Amazon by running Salesforce Replication from our AMI's, or install on your own EC2 instance. Replicate data into RDS or RedShift.

Customer Quote

Excellent Product, highly recommend - support was exceptional. As such, we needed to export and archive data from SFDC->SQL Server. DBSync does this well and since it utilizes Bulk API where available, it also doesn't thrash our API allotment. For us the product was a one time purchase so no monthly fees or licenses which made it easier to quantify to management.

David SmithDirector of IT - California State Parks Foundation

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